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Past event on September 28, 2016

ORG Birmingham: Save Our Sources: find out how the Snoopers' Charter threatens press freedoms

Join us to protect press freedom and democracy Please join us at BOM (Birmingham Open Media) at 6.30pm on Wednesday 28 September to find out more about how the Investigatory Powers Bill threatens press freedoms, why this matters for our democratic society and what we can do to stop the Bill.

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Past event on April 20, 2016

ORG Birmingham: Discover great free and open source software

Join us on Wednesday 20 April at Birmingham Open Media to find out more about what free and open source software is, discover free alternatives to expensive sofware such as Photoshop and learn how free and open source software helps all have control over the technology we use in our homes, schools and businesses. Remember to bring along your smartphone/tablet/laptop so that you can try out different software and see for yourself what free and open source software has to offer.

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Past event on January 30, 2016

ORG London: Big Bang Data at Somerset House

The ORG London group is taking a trip to Somerset House to see the exhibition Big Bang Data, which explores the joys and limits of our relationship with data. The plan is to meet at 17.00 outside the venue on Saturday 30th Jan and then head in together. Please book your tickets in advance at:

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Past event on December 16, 2015

ORG Birmingham: Let's talk about how we can make 2016 a great year for digital rights

As we approach the end of 2015, now is a great time to take stock of all the great work we have done to promote digital rights in Birmingham and beyond and decide what areas we should focus on in 2016.

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Past event on November 27, 2015

London: ORG's 10th Birthday Party!

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Past event on November 15, 2015

ORG Brighton: Meeting + Cryptoparty

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Past event on November 11, 2015

ORG Birmingham: After TalkTalk - Government Storing Citizen's Records

On Wednesday, the government published the Investigatory Powers Bill. It plans to require web and phone companies to store records of websites visited by every citizen for 12 months, ORG Birmingham discusses the implications.

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Past event on October 31, 2015

ORG Brighton: Shape The Future of ORG Brighton

Our Local Groups Co-ordinator gives supporters in Brighton a special briefing on local groups like ORG Brighton, what they do and how you can get more involved.

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Past event on October 19, 2015

ORG London: What is the Investigatory Powers Bill?

The Government is expected to announce new surveillance legislation, the Investigatory Powers Bill, very soon, as in a matter of weeks. Hear from ORG's Executive Director Jim Killock and his view on the likely content and impact of the Bill.

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Past event on October 14, 2015

ORG Birmingham: Meet Jim Killock Executive Director of Open Rights Group

ORG's Executive Director Jim Killock talks to supporters in Birmingham about the upcoming surveillance legislation that will likely extend the Government's surveillance powers even further. Learn how to get organised and take action against it!

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