Past event on May 13, 2019

ORG Norwich - Member recruitment brainstorm

Got ideas about how to attract new members to future ORG Norwich meetings? Ideas could be things such as webinars so that people who cannot make it to the meetings physically can participate over video conferencing.

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Past event on May 08, 2019

ORG Oxford - Will social media regulation curtail free expression online?

Join us in Oxford for an evening with Open Rights Group executive director Jim Killock as he reviews new Government plans to address “online harms” from bullying to terrorism, and how it could impact your right to free expression online.

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Past event on May 07, 2019

ORG Cambridge: Monthly Meetup

Join us in our monthly meetup to discuss the current state of digital rights and ORG's developing campaigns on digital privacy, free expression online and mass surveillance.

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Past event on April 25, 2019

ORG Aberdeen: Exercising the GDPR’s right to data portability

This talk will discuss the responses to 230 real-world data portability requests, and examine the file formats returned and difficulties in making and interpreting requests.

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Past event on April 08, 2019

ORG Norwich: Planning for future meetings

We'll review what went well at the March event along with ways to improve it and present it to the general public on a bigger scale. We'll also discuss future event ideas.

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Past event on April 06, 2019

ORG Bristol & Data Justice Lab: Resisting Surveillance Capitalism

ORG is sponsoring a workshop by Data Justice Lab at Bristol Transformed. We’ll take stock of some of the ways data is collected and used in society, their implications, and how we might advance alternative data infrastructures and economies.

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Past event on April 02, 2019

ORG Cambridge: Intro to VPNs & Tor

A requested topic for this month is an introduction to privacy tools such as VPNs and TOR.

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Past event on March 26, 2019

ORG Edinburgh & Scottish PEN: Defamation Scot: Consult-a-thon

Learn about defamation and help reform Scots Law with Scottish PEN and Open Rights Group Scotland

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Past event on March 18, 2019

ORG Birmingham: Digital censorship in the UK

We'll hear from ORG’s executive director Jim Killock about the current state of digital censorship in the UK.

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Past event on March 16, 2019

ORG Norwich: How to lead a healthy digital lifestyle

We'll explore the various ways in which companies harvest our personal data and how to combat them in a safe and privacy respecting way.

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