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Past event on April 26, 2017

ORG Leeds: Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? Welcome to the surveillance state.

Join us for an evening of talks and discussion where we will explore the current state of digital rights, why they matter and the dangers of mass surveillance to our democracy. This event is part of the Leeds Digital Festival.

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Past event on April 24, 2017

ORG Birmingham: Learn how to protect your digital security and privacy

With WikiLeaks' revelations of alleged CIA hacking tools it's more important than ever that we as citizens take steps to protect our privacy. Join us for a practical session to learn about the threats you face and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Past event on April 22, 2017

ORG Manchester: An in-depth look at the Espionage Act

Did you know that journalists and whistleblowers could soon be sent to prison for 14 years for exposing corruption and government wrongdoing? Join us for a film screening of Citizen Four followed by a discussion with the NUJ about the Espionage Act.

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Past event on April 22, 2017

ORG North East: Social meet up

I recently met up with a number of the other ORG Local Organisers. It would be great to share some of the ideas we discussed and have a casual meetup to discuss the state of things like the Digital Economy Bill, Espionage Act and future events.

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Past event on April 20, 2017

ORG Bristol: Martha Spurrier (Liberty) - Festival of Ideas

Martha Spurrier, the director of Liberty, is giving a talk as part of the Bristol Festival of Ideas. The talk reflects on how human rights – and human rights activists – can offer a national identity of tolerance, diversity and equality.

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Past event on April 12, 2017

ORG Leeds: 14 years in prison for doing journalism?! An in-depth look at the Espionage Act

Join us on Wednesday 12th April to find out from Jim Killock, Executive Director of ORG, what the new law means for journalists and whistleblowers and what you can do to stop the Law Commission's proposals.

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Past event on April 11, 2017

ORG London: Stop UK censorship of legal content

Join ORG London for a discussion with ORG Legal Director Myles Jackman and feminist pornographer and sexual liberties campaigner Pandora Blake, about the Digital Economy Bill and what it could mean for you.

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Past event on April 04, 2017

ORG Brighton: The Espionage Act Talk - convicting whistleblowers as spies?

ORG Brighton is hosting an evening of talks all about the proposed changes to the Espionage Act. Join us on Tuesday 4 April.

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Past event on March 30, 2017

ORG Aberdeen: Cryptonoise: learn how you can protect yourself online

Join us on Thursday 30 March to bring together like minded people, discuss digital freedoms and explore the use of cryptographic tools.

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Past event on March 22, 2017

ORG Oxford: Digital rights meet up

Join us on Wednesday 22 March to discuss the current state of digital rights. This will be an informal meeting for everyone to get to know each other and talk about ideas for future ORG Oxford meetings.

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