Past event on December 03, 2019

ORG Leeds: The Great Hack film screening & SAR workshop

Join us for a special election season event about disinformation and manipulation in political campaigning. We're offering a FREE screening of the Great Hack followed by a workshop to clean up UK political campaigning. Register your ticket now.

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Past event on December 02, 2019

ORG Glasgow: The Great Hack film screening

The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation through the compelling personal journeys of players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data scandal. Our free screening of this groundbreaking Netflix documentary will be followed by a panel discussion.

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Past event on November 29, 2019

ORG Oxford: Crypto Party!

Big Brother Watch and Open Rights Group present Crypto Party Oxford! CryptoParties are FREE, beginner-friendly gatherings to help people of all ages and abilities to reclaim their privacy and power online. Our trainers are digital privacy experts who will help you with phone security, private communications, secure passwords, social media privacy settings, web browsing privacy and more.

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Past event on November 20, 2019

ORG Norwich: CANCELLED - To be rescheduled soon

Join us for a presentation by Pascal Crowe, ORG's national Data and Democracy Project Officer, on (i) Targeted Ads (political and non-political) (ii) How to Get from Political Parties Details of the Information they Hold on You (iii) Local ORG Groups and the General Election.

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Past event on October 28, 2019

ORG Glasgow: 2 Talks - Confronting the AdTech Leviathan and UK Digital Rights After Brexit

Join the Open Rights Group Campaigns Manager, Mike Morel, in a two part presentation & discussion. First - how the advertising technology industry (AdTech) abuses personal data. Second - we'll take a closer look at the digital facts we’ll face post-Brexit. Learn how new international agreements could affect digital privacy, mass surveillance and speech online.

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Past event on October 28, 2019

ORG Bristol - Data rights, Workers rights and the Gig Economy

Open Rights Group Bristol, with Bristol Transformed, present an evening of thought provoking talks on data rights, workers rights and the gig economy. After a contribution from each speaker, we will have a panel discussion with opportunity for questions from the audience.

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Past event on October 26, 2019

ORGCon Scotland

Join us for a day of discussion, debate and action about pressing digital rights issues affecting Scotland and the UK. It’s a chance to connect with other people concerned about protecting our rights online and to hear some of the world’s leading experts on data & democracy, police surveillance and digital privacy.

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Past event on October 19, 2019

ORG Manchester - Confronting the AdTech Leviathan

Join us at Oggcamp in Manchester to hear ORG's Campaign Manager Mike Morel reveal how the advertising technology industry mistreats your personal data and how their abuse is being challenged.

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Past event on October 14, 2019

ORG Norwich - Investigating Fake News

Amanda will present The Kit, a project by Tactical Tech, a German NGO that engages with citizens and civil-society organisations to explore the impacts of technology on society. Then a Q&A about the presentation and fake news in general. Second presentation/Open Debate - subject to be confirmed.

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Past event on October 10, 2019

ORG Edinburgh - Ask Me Anything with data protection expert Chris Pounder

This event will be run like a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). Chris is knowledgeable across the data protection landscape from subject access rights to law enforcement processing and everything in between.

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