Past event on September 24, 2013

PRISM and Mass Surveillance: a Threat to Democracy and Economic Welfare?

Edward Snowden's revelations just keep on coming and mass Internet surveillance is now an undisputed fact. So what is the impact of this on democracy? How can an information economy thrive when online information might not be secure? And what can we all do about it? Come to see Tom Watson MP, Paul Johnson (Deputy Editor, The Guardian, Javier Ruiz (Open Rights Group) and Nick Pickles (Big Brother Watch) debate the impacts of web surveillance. Tuesday 24th Sept 17:15-19:00 Thistle Hotel Brighton, Kings Road - Renaissance South Room

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Past event on September 17, 2013

Censorship monitoring protect

Tuesday at 8pm, with mumble testing from 7.30pm if you need it, to discuss helping with our censorship monitoring tech project

Meeting details:
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I hope lots of people can make it. Before the call please do look at and edit the wiki pages, that describe the initial thoughts about

i) Architecture
ii) Functionality 

Here's a suggested agenda for the meeting

1. Are we happy with the architecture and spec as a starting point?
- The ooni project is very much alpha - is this too much or a risk.?
- is the security model for the communication between the onnib and ooniprobe sufficient?
- should we work with the MySociety code base or not?
- What would be sensible phases?

2. Are four workstreams OK?
- Probes
- site
- middleware/oonib
- legal

3. Who can co-ordinate / work on each workstream?

4. Language selection etc.... (may well depend on 3)

5. Next steps and project timetable

Please let me have suggestions for other things that we need to discuses / agree on.

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Past event on September 16, 2013

Liberal Democrat Conference - What next for Liberty and Surveillance? - PRISM, TEMPORA and the Snoopers' Charter

Are you going to the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow? Come along to join the debate on freedom, civil liberties and surveillance.

Julian Huppert MP, Julian Borger - Guardian Diplomatic Editor, Jim Killock - Open Rights Group and Emma Carr - Big Brother Watch

Come to debate the future of freedom and civil liberties now that large scale Internet surveillance is public knowledge.

This event is only open to those with a pass to the Liberal Democrat conference.

Where - Crowne Plaza Hotel: Castle 1 Room
When - Monday 16th September 20.00-21.15

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Past event on June 27, 2013

PRISM - What is it and how does it affect UK?

What is PRISM? How does it affect UK citizens, businesses, NGOs, politicians and journalists? And how does it fit into UK and US law? Come along to Parliament on 27th June at 3PM to hear about PRISM and what it means for the UK.

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Past event on June 13, 2013

Snoopers' Charter: MP debate, Edinburgh

Debate with Ian Murray MP and Marco Biagi MSP on the Snoopers' Charter, hosted by ORG Edinburgh

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Past event on June 12, 2013

"CDB: The Zombie Bill That Just Won't Die", Manchester

"CDB: The Zombie Bill That Just Won't Die" plus "Reforming OSI For A World Of Clouds" Manchester

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Past event on June 11, 2013

ORG Sheffield June meet-up: Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps is President at the Open Source Initiative (OSI), the non-profit organisation that advocates for open source software, builds bridges between open source communities and maintains the canonical list of open source licenses. Currently an independent consultant on open source policy and practice, he was previously head of open source at Sun Microsystems, CSO of startup Forgerock and a founder of IBM’s Java business unit.

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Past event on June 08, 2013

ORGCon 2013

Book your tickets for now ORGCon2013 now: limited discount early bird tickets available!

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Past event on June 05, 2013

Mobile phone data for sale: discussion panel with EE and Ipsos Mori

Recent press reports that suggested that Ipsos Mori was marketing individual mobile network usage data to a range of companies , local authorities and public bodies like the Met Police have generated concern. Hundreds of people have used ORG's website to ask their mobile phone providers if their data is being sold and how.

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Past event on April 29, 2013

Digital Surveillance report launch

Digital Surveillance and the Snoopers' Charter

When 2pm, Monday 29 April
Where: Methodist Central Hall, Robert Perks Room

The report brings together leading Internet experts, lawyers and campaigners to offer credible, less intrusive alternatives to the Government's Communications Data Bill. The authors make a call for more targeted, more transparent and more accountable surveillance laws and offer a number of useful recommendations for how to achieve this.

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Below Richard Clayton, Peter Sommer and Duncan Campbell, some of the authors of our new Digital Surveillance report, discuss their contributions and explain their views on surveillance law: 

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