See our local groups page for details of local meet-ups.

Past event on October 11, 2015

ORG Bristol: Lets stop the Snoopers' Charter

Learn how to lobby your MP like a seasoned activist! Supporters in Bristol are running an interactive workshop using a special ORG campaign briefing on how to fight against the Snoopers' Charter. Free entry and open to the public.

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Past event on October 05, 2015

ORG Manchester: Episode V: The Snoopers' Charter Strikes Back!

Hear Open Rights Group's Executive Director, Jim Killock speak in Manchester about how we can stop the Snoopers' Charter and learn how to campaign against it in a workshop afterwards. Free entry and open to the public.

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Past event on September 29, 2015

ORG Brighton: Learn to Think Like a Campaigner

Mike Harris, Campaign Director of Don't Spy On Us shares the insiders view on how to create and execute a winning campaigning. Plan your own campaign in this evening of activism. Suitable for complete beginners.

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Past event on September 21, 2015

ORG London: New Event Launch - Lightning Talks

Supporters in London have organised an interactive evening of short talks from members where they tell other members about a topic they know well.

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Past event on September 16, 2015

ORG London: Walthamstow Supporter Meetup

ORG supporters in Walthamstow are organising a local campaign around surveillance and are planning to meet their MP Stella Creasy in October. Join them at their meeting on Wednesday night at a local pub.

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Past event on September 03, 2015

ORG Birmingham: Have Your Say On Surveillance

Following a very successful launch in July, ORG Birmingham will be holding their second MeetUp for supporters in the area. They will focus on the Snooper's Charter.

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Past event on August 26, 2015

ORG Sheffield: Have Your Say on Surveillance

Join supporters in Sheffield for a free workshop on how you can campaign against surveillance. Learn how to win the argument about surveillance at a free and friendly workshop. All welcome.

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Past event on August 10, 2015

ORG London: Niels ten Oever - Challenging Censorship Internationally

At this free public event, Article 19's Niels ten Oever will be talking to ORG's supporters about challenging censorship in Tunisia, Bangladesh and Kenya. We will be accepting donations.

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Past event on July 08, 2015

ORG Birmingham: Group launch!

Join supporters in Birmingham to launch a local group for supporters in the area. Meet others concerned over the future for digital rights in the UK.

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Past event on July 08, 2015

ORG London: Lobby Your MP in Parliament

Supporters are invited to join ORG's campaign staff in parliament for a briefing on how to talk to your MP about surveillance, followed by meetings with local MPs.

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