Digital Economy Bill

10 years in prison for ordinary file-sharers

Help us stop new UK legislation that empowers copyright trolls with a maximum prison sentence of 10 years for ordinary file-sharers

The Government's Digital Economy Bill is making its way through Parliament. It contains several new provisions that are highly worrying.

  1. 10 year prison sentences that could apply to ordinary file sharers - empowering copyright trolls to threaten people with incredibly disproportionate punishments
  2. Compulsory age verification to access websites hosting paid-for pornography - There are no safeguards to prevent the creation of a database revealing people's personal sexual preferences. It also does little to stop under-18s accessing free pornography elsewhere on the Internet
  3. Increased data sharing between Government departments - without sufficient safeguards or transparency about how our data will be used

Can you email your MP to ask them to read our briefing?

You can read our briefing to MPs here.