Wikileaks: stand up for free speech

Wikileaks are, in our view, are being used to attack free speech. As EFF say, in launching their campaign to stop censorship:

This debate has turned into a massive attack on the right of intermediaries to publish truthful information.

Make no mistake — this is about much more than WikiLeaks. Shutting down sites like WikiLeaks is a very serious attack on freedom of expression. …

Like it or not, WikiLeaks has become the emblem for one of the most important battles for our rights that is likely to come along in our lifetimes. We cannot sit this one out.

ORG believes that, at this point in time, there is no clear case that Wikileaks has done anything illegal.

Companies including Amazon and PayPal have pulled the plug on Wikileaks, under direct pressure from the US government. As such, the US government is engaged in a campaign to suppress critical comment and free speech. They have a right to take the leaker to court, and no doubt will do so: but direct and personal political intervention to remove websites is highly dangerous.

These companies now hold the keys to our ability to exercise our freedom of expression. This is a greater responsibility than playing nice with outraged politicians. Corporations should be insisting on the due process of law.

What you can do

  1. You can join ORG to defend freedom of speech on the Internet
  2. You can download avatars produced by EFF and use them online; and join their twibbon campaign
  3. You can write to Amazon and PayPal to tell them they do not have your support