What we do next

Stop disconnectionWhat a debacle. Measures to allow disconnection of individuals from the internet, for undefined periods of time, web blocking laws; all with no real scrutiny and limited debate.

A group of Labour rebels – with Liberal Democrat support – put forward a few amendments to try to test the Bill. Within two and a bit hours, the debate was shut down, and the Bill proceeded without dealing with any of the substantive issues.

Is this a defeat? It seems to us, and a lot of bloggers today, that it isn’t. Why? Firstly, this is a huge victory for transparency. Thousands of people watched and commented on what would have, a few years ago, been a quiet, barely public event.

Secondly, we have mobilised a huge movement, that is capable of influencing the election, and showing up politicians over the next month, and beyond. We are organising by constituency to recommend candidates in our forums; why not add your MP?

We will be asking you to:

And, of course, like hundreds of others, join ORG