What the Lib Dem web blocking amendment shows

Join ORGThe Lib Dems’ web blocking amendment created an eruption of anger last week, which rumbles on this week as Lib Dem members, bloggers and others are asking how their party, based on the principal of freedom and liberty, got this so wrong. 

In Labour, Tom Watson, John Grogan and others have raised strongly their voices about disconnection, from their Labour values of social justice and progressive politics: but their party is pushing for the punishment of the innocent in the Digital Economy Bill.

The Conservatives, the friends of liberty in markets, remain supportive of the opposite, through of disconnection and harsh IP enforcement in the Digital Economy Bill.

What can we do to make our political representatives understand the consequences of their actions, and how they are being misled into working against their own values? Protests, letters, press work, this all helps, but we need  a deeper change.

In companies, board rooms, and in every social network – voices that understand the impacts of the digital age are needed. From the Greens and the Pirate Party – we need greater dialogue and connection with groups like ours.

In short – we need a much bigger movement, crossing every political and social divide. We need you. We need you to join ORG.

We need, within ORG, to build these networks, so that we can help people like you who understand the threats to digital freedom and innovation. That’s why we are asking you to start supporting ORG today.

Please join and help us protect your digital rights and freedoms.