Web blocking is not the answer

ORG today presented its views on web blocking to Ofcom, again outlining that it is blunt, easily avoided and likely to lead to breaches of civil liberties.

Meanwhile, according to the Guardian and others, Ed Vaizey is still considering web blocking as a serious option to tackle copyright infringement.

Richard Clayton, from our AC, attended the meeting with Ofcom alongside Peter Bradwell, our copyright campaigner, to tell them that there is no evidence that it would work: and plenty that it would create collatoral damage if pursued as a widespread tactic to reduce copyright infringement.

The answer, as ever, is bringing legal services online. Of course things are improving, and of course copyright infringement will not be eliminated. But the core issue is businesses finding ways to bring their products to their audiences, not repressive measures with vast and unwanted side effects.

Org will be doing everything we can to remove the possibility of web blocking. While our staff work directly with regulators and politicians, you can do your bit by letting your MPs know that this is not acceptable.

Write to them now to tell them that copyright infringement cannot be solved by web blocking initiatives.