The Future of the Internet in Focus

Will consumer pressure for a safer net mean the end of open platforms and rapid innovation? And should the geeks who “get” the net care if the rest of the world prefer TiVos and iPhones?

On Wednesday of this week we co-hosted an event at the British Computer Society to discuss the problems raised by Jonathan Zittrain’s new book, The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It. Professor Zittrain was joined by technology journalist Bill Thompson and our Executive Director, Becky Hogge, to discuss the threat that insecurity and “tethered appliances” pose to the generative Internet. We were also fortunate enough to have an expert and lively audience.

The recording (thanks to Felix) of this 90 minute event shows there is both plenty of middle ground and a broad range of views held within our community. We’d love to see your comments on the merits of Jonathan’s arguments, particularly his point that online communities should develop self-regulatory mechanisms rather than rely on Government measures to ensure the net flourishes.