Thanks to our supporters, we can make our mass surveillance film

Thanks to our supporters, we more than reached the target of our Indiegogo crowd-funder. With your help we raised £20,624, which we’re going to use to produce a high-quality campaign video to explain the implications of the Investigatory Powers Bill to people who may not be fully aware of it.

We’ve already met with the team of film-makers who will be working on this and they are going to present some ideas this week. They are the same guys behind the brilliant Department of Dirty film and we’re sure they are going to come up with something equally good for this campaign.

One of the problems that we face is that the arguments for surveillance are very emotive and use the fear of terrorism, paedophilia and other crimes to persuade people that they need to give up their privacy and Internet security. But we know that many people are uncomfortable with the levels of surveillance being proposed and we hope that this film will show them why they are right to feel uneasy. We want it to resonate with the wider public and raise awareness of why our privacy is under threat.

At the minute, the draft Bill is being scrutinised by a Joint Committee who are due to report back in February. The Bill will then be redrafted and we expect it to be laid before Parliament around April. We want to launch our film before then to increase awareness and start motivating people into taking action and talking to their MP.

Thanks again to everyone whose donation is making this possible. It is still possible to contribute to the campaign here. We’ll use any additional money to promote the film more widely.