Term extension Private Members Bill stopped in tracks

Thanks to everyone who wrote to their MPs over the last few weeks to ask them to object to Pete Wishart’s Private Members Bill to extend copyright term.

I’m pleased to report that an honourable member did indeed object to the Bill when it came round. He is as yet unidentified (although Hansard will hopefully reveal all over the weekend). You can spot him on the far left of the screen, sitting in the front row of the Labour benches at exactly 04:56:57 in this video of the day’s proceedings in the Commons. Look closely – is that your elected representative standing up for your rights?

Because there was no time debate the Bill, the second reading will happen again next Friday. So there’s still time to write to your MP and ask him or her to represent you on this issue. And if you haven’t already, please do sign our petition against copyright term extension in Europe.