Supporter Meet-Up: Censorship


This event is part of our new London supporter meetings, held every 3rd Monday of the Month. Each month we meet to discuss a specific topic that ORG is campaigning on, explain the problem, explain why ORG is campaigning on it, and how everyone (and anyone) can get involved. Come along to find out more!


Date: Monday 21st November 2011
Time: 7pm
Location: Green Man
383 Euston Road, London NW1 3AU

Hashtag: #orgcensor


Censorship is rearing its ugly head on the UK Internet, and at the Open Rights Group, we’re not happy about that. 

Copyright owners want censorship, because they don’t want to take websites to court. They want websites like Pirate Bay banned, even though accessing these websites is completely legal.

Some MPs who don’t like adults accessing pornography want all Internet accounts to have “adult content” banned by default, potentially putting data users “opting-in” onto a list of people at the ISP who want to access porn. The filters would have to be relatively weak, and would encourage parents to wrongly believe that children were being properly protected.

Censorship without legal backing is not only a violation of the freedom of speech, but justifies the actions of those who have genuinely broken the law. Once it is in place it, society will just battle over what to censor and ban next, rather than discussing how to deal with the problems itself.

Want to learn more? Discuss what we should do next? Or just jump into action?
Come along to our supporters meeting
Monday 21st Nov, 7pm to 9pm

We’ll be having some great (expert) speakers on the subject, an opportunity to discuss censorship and its problems/merits, and get more involved in ORG’s actions and campaigns.