Snoopers’ Charter – How You Can Stop it Coming Back…Again

It’s only been one month since Nick Clegg declared the Snoopers’ Charter dead but already Home Secretaries past and present are calling for the Snoopers’ Charter to be brought back in response to appalling tragedy in Woolwich.

John Reid – former Labour Home Secretary and director of G4S, currently working for security firm The Chertoff Group and a regular speaker on the security conference circuit – decided that monitoring the entire British population was an appropriate answer to Woolwich, just hours after the event.

Theresa May 
CC-BY Photo by UK Home Office 

Theresa May also wants to bring the Snoopers’ Charter back. She’s supported by another former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson who’s suggesting that Labour could join forces with the Tories to get it through Parliament. All this despite many people, including May’s cabinet colleague Eric Pickles, saying that Woolwich would not have been prevented by the Snoopers’ Charter.

What can you do to help stop a revived Snoopers’ Charter?

  1. Come to an ORG meeting
    Local ORG Groups are meeting up for everyone to hear and talk about what’s happening with the Snoopers’ Charter. We’ll need to put pressure on lots of local MPs so these meetings are crucial to start fighting any new proposals.

    If you’re anywhere near Sheffield, Manchester or Edinburgh, please come along. They’re free to attend and it’d be great to see you there.
    Sheffield – Tuesday 11th June – Simon Phipps talk “CDB: The Zombie Bill That Just Won’t Die”
    Manchester – Wednesday 12th June – Simon Phipps talk “CDB: The Zombie Bill That Just Won’t Die”
    Edinburgh – Thursday 13th June – Panel discussion with Ian Murray MP, Marco Biagi MSP, and Jim Killock

  2. Come to ORGCon 2013
    ORGCon is on Saturday 8th June. It’s our biggest event of the year and there’re lots of things to get involved with to do with the Snoopers’ Charter.

    We’ve put together a great panel to talk about the Snoopers’ Charter including Julian Huppert MP who was one of the leading Parliamentarians on the issue. We’ve also got Peter Sommer who wrote much of our Digital Surveillance report on our proposals for better surveillance law.

    ORG’s Campaigns Director Javier Ruiz is running an Activism Workshop to discuss how to get involved with our campaigns by meeting your MP face-to-face, writing to the media about digital rights issues like Snoopers’ Charter and lots more.

    Tickets are just £16 for existing supporters and £28 for people who haven’t joined us yet. Students get in for just £6!

    If you’re not an ORG supporter yet, join today and get your ORGCon ticket absolutely free! It’s a great chance to join a growing movement that supports our digital rights and stands up to those that try to take them away.

  3. Join ORG
    Joining ORG is one of the best things you can do to fight the Snoopers’ Charter. We keep costs down as much as we can but running campaigns isn’t free. When you join ORG you become part of a movement standing up for your digital rights. As an added bonus, if you join today you get a free ticket to ORGCon 2013 and a copy of keynote speaker Tim Wu’s book The Master Switch.

  4. Email and Meet your MP
    Emailing your MP is an easy way to let them know you’re against reviving the Snoopers’ Charter. You can even use the opportunity to arrange to meet them at their constituency surgery.