Mandelson gives go ahead to ‘three strikes’

Listening to Lord Mandelson today at C&binet was very unpleasant.

Mandelson announced one substantial policy: a ‘clampdown’ on detectable file sharing.

Even MI5 disagree with him – they are convinced we will see a rise of a ‘Dark Net’ of infringers.

Nobody at C&binet from an online music service, as opposed to an old media company, thought that P2P was a threat to their businesses.

Yet Mandelson seems determined to push forward with his plans for ‘three strikes’ – threatening to punish people extremely harshly, threatening their education, businesses and livelihoods for a relatively minor financial misdemeanour.

Meanwhile, Mandelson said very little on licensing reform, the real block to the rise of legitimate online music services.

Please act today, to stop this. Write to your MP, and ask them to oppose these drastic and unfair plans.