Imagine the web without hyperlinks

Our ability to link is under attack, and we need your help to save it!

We all love linking: passing on funny images, surprising stories, wise blog posts and sharp videos. But there are attacks to all of that on the horizon.

What’s the threat?

In December 2014, Google permanently shut down the Spanish version of Google News. [1] They did this because amendments to Spanish intellectual property law imposed a compulsory fee for the use of snippets of text to link to news articles. [2]

In the EU, these same lobbyists have been working with the U.S. Trade Representative’s office to pressure lawmakers to upload the same Spanish link censorship laws to the entire European Union. [3]

These laws will effectively censor summaries of news content, as well as linking to legal content.

Let’s put a stop to this right now: Add your voice to the global network to Save the Link.

Such a plan would affect over 500 million citizens’ ability to use the Internet. Imagine using Twitter and not being able to link to a news article without paying a fee. It would shut down the spread of news. This is just one way copyright is being twisted to censor the Web – but it’s far from the only way. That’s why we are part of a huge network of individuals and organizations committed to stopping these censorship plans, wherever they emerge.

The bottom line is this: every successful scheme to censor links weakens the foundation of the Internet.

Speak out now and tell public officials that we’ll fight to Save the Link.

This email is part of a global campaign called ‘Save the Link’ of which ORG are a member.

[1] Google News in Spain

[2] Spanish Copyright Amendments Will Shakedown News Sites and Censor the Web

[3] An EU-wide ‘Google tax’ in the making?