Help ORG monitor UK blocking and filtering

ORG is putting together tools to track what is blocked and where. We intend to develop our current site into a means to request a check across the UK – using probes based in each network.

We intend to make it easy for anyone to check whether their site is blocked, and find out where, so that complaints can be made as needed. We also want to compile a list of sites that have found themselves mis-categorised, so we can check for future errors.

In the end, we want ISPs to do this themselves. But we fear they won’t do until they have been shown that error checking will happen anyway. So we’re just going to get on with it ourselves.

How you can help the project

Join ORG

We need money to do this, including basic costs, and longer term employing someone with technical project management skills, so if you haven’t already, please join us.

Development and bug reports

At the moment we are looking for coders and people with project management skills and time. if you are interested please subscribe and introduce yourself on our Tech Volunteers list.

Project Details

The outline of the project is on our wiki:

Get the Code

There are three parts to this project, probes (on phones and on Raspberry Pi’s) some middleware to manage the probes and the website front end. The code for the probes and middleware is on Github