Fighting data retention

Word coming out of the EU Parliament is not good for data retention. It seems that the deals have been struck, agreements reached, and ranks closed. The Council’s proposal is being voted on by MEPs on 13 December. One hope is an amendment by Swedish MEP Charlotte Cedershiold which will reinstate reimbursement of costs to the industry. This will, at least, help protect you from large rises in your telephone/internet bills. It will also go against the Council’s wishes, which means that if it gains support they will almost certainly demand a second reading in the European Parliament to get exactly the wording they wish. MEPs travel to Strasbourg on Monday; Friday is their last day in Brussels, and your last chance to contact them via WriteToThem. If you’ve been in communication with your MEP previously, and you have their telephone contact details, call them instead of writing and remind them of your interest. Tell them:

  • Data retention is a sweeping proposal, with ramification for the telecommunications industry, internet users and providers, and civil liberties. It should not be rushed through in one reading to suit the current Presidency.
  • At the very least, consumers should not have to bear the brunt of costs, and Cedershiold’s amendment should be supported.
  • Urge your MEP to consider all the communications he or she has received on this topic, and vote with his or her conscience, not with what the major party blocs have decided.

To keep up to date with what’s happening, visit the Data Retention is No Solution wiki.