EU governments vote against copyright extension in Brussels

Copyright term extension was dealt another serious blow last week when COREPER, the European Committee representing EU member states and the Council of Ministers, voted against the proposal.

Image by TPCOM from Flickr under CC

In a surprise move the UK government joined others in a blocking minority, rejecting a compromise deal that would have delivered minimal benefits to performers. It now seems increasingly unlikely that a deal on copyright extension will be reached by EU countries before the EU Parliament first reading plenary vote takes place.

John Denham, secretary of state for innovation, said: “It is clear that today’s outcome will not kill off the proposals to extend copyright term, but rather that member states need more time to consider that details of the proposal and reach an agreement”. Reaction to the moves also came from the Featured Artists’ Coalition, a new musicians pressure group including members of Blur and Radiohead, who released a statement supporting the UK government’s position stating that the “compromise” would not be good for performers or fans.

The copyright term extension proposal is a bad deal for European consumers, musicians and follow-on innovators. Full plenary vote will take place soon in the European parliament, so contact your MEPs and let your government know copyright term extension is the wrong move.

Image by TPCOM at Flickr under CC.