Bloodspell: audio of panel session now online

Machinima is a film production technique similar to stop-motion animation that uses computer-generated imagery, most typically video games engines. So its something like making Wallace and Gromit with the characters and sets of Halo or Doom.

Back in November we helped out with a screening at the London Metropolitan University of Bloodspell – the world’s first feature-length machinima movie. The film went down a treat, as did a panel session raising interesting questions about the legal, commercial and business aspects of machinima: is this art form copyright infringement? Should it be seen as a form of hacking?” An audio recording of the session is now available. Fortunately, our legal eagles gave machinima a – conditional – all clear.

Hugh Hancock, Bloodspell‘s producer, director and writer wrote to us today to let us know that Bloodspell was downloaded an impressive 28,000 times in the 6 weeks to 31 December!

Thanks to Fernando Barrio for the link and to Robin Scobey for the recording.