A few FAQs about ORG

Is ORG a charity? No, charities are banned from political lobbying. Instead, ORG has been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee, Company No. 05581537.

I want to set up my own standing order with my own online banking. Can I do this? Yes. Please fill in our form, then choose Standing Order option, and the system will generate a standing order form which includes our bank details and your registration number. You can then use that information to create your own standing order. Please ensure that you include our reference number, so that we know who’s paying us what.

Who is eligible for the concessionary rate? If you are unemployed, a student, disabled, sick, a pensioner, or for any other reason feel that you would be eligible for the concessionary rate, please use it. We aren’t going to check up on you or demand proof.

Are people who pay the concessionary rate still eligible for Founding 1000 status? Yes.

I don’t want to give you my personal details, but I want to donate. Can I do this? Yes. You can either send us a cheque, to Open Rights Group, 12 Duke