February 15, 2018 | Jim Killock

Election results

We are pleased to announce that Christi Scarborough, Brian Parkinson and Tom de Grunwald have been elected to the Open Rights Group Board of Directors. They are elected for a three year term by our members.

The full results are in the linked documents (report, results, details). Thanks also go to the other candidates, Oliver Spall and Mary Black, whose participation meant that we had a contested election with a set of very talented and interesting candidates.

We would also like to give our thanks to Ben Laurie, Maria Farrell and Milena Popova who are stepping down.

We would also like to thank Electoral Reform Services for conducting the election smoothly and professionally.

Our Board has nine members, elected or selected in three groups. At the end of 2018, our Advisory Council and former advisors will be asked to elect three further board members; and in late 2019 an open recruitment process will select three more.