February 04, 2014 | Jim Killock

You did it!

Over 200 people joined ORG – raising enough to pay for two extra days so we can hire a full time Legal Director.

help hire a legal directorYou can still help out – there are always extra costs, including rent and fees for legal publications, that an extra contribution can cover costs for.

This is the biggest spike in membership in a single month that we've seen since hundreds of people joined after the passing of the Digital Economy Act – which is still not implemented, thanks to your work showing how bad the legislation is. And yesterday, Parliament continued their work repealing the dangerous website blocking powers the DEA still contains.

ORG's supporters have grown from just over 1500 a year ago to past 2100 today – that's 40% growth in a year. Your funding means we can now start a full-fledged legal track, as well as continue the campaigning work we do on privacy, surveillance, filtering and free speech.

We've ambitious ideas for the future: there's much more to be done. We need greater depth to our policy, campaigns and expertise. We've been thinking about the kinds of changes we need to see – so more of this later. For now, we'd just like to say thank you to everyone who joined, rejoined or increased their contribution. You've made an enormous step forward possible.