February 11, 2014 | Peter Bradwell

Join our new campaign to fight mass surveillance

Today, alongside an unprecedented coalition of leading privacy and human rights groups, we're launching Don't Spy On Us. We need your help.

You can learn more about the new campaign, sign our petition and email your MP at our new Don't Spy On Us campaign site.

Since 5th June last year we have read a series of revelations about the reach and power of our surveillance agencies. We've learnt about blanket collection of all sorts of digital information and the sharing of this data between the US and UK.

Our intelligence agencies do vital work for which we should all be grateful and which we all benefit from. But for Open Rights Group, and many others like us, the stories showed surveillance agencies exploit laws that have been rendered out of date by technology to collect too much information about too many people with too little democratic oversight.

The revelations can leave you feeling a bit powerless. You know something seems really wrong, but can you do anything about how our most secretive and powerful institutions work? How do you even begin to change how so many laws, programs and oversight bodies work?

Today our fightback begins in earnest. With our new campaign, Don't Spy on Us, we're intent on ending the blanket surveillance we've heard about because of Edward Snowden. Alongside our campaign partners, we want to change our archaic surveillance laws. We need your help.

We've got new demands for how the government can act quickly to make sure surveillance carried out in our name respects our privacy rights.

We're setting out six powerful principles that we want surveillance law to stick to. We're calling for an inquiry to be concluded before the election, and for the government to then proceed with legislation that upholds the principles we've set out.

This need to start happening now. Not in a few years after some drawn out mega inquiry, or in three Parliament's time. The government has to start listening now, accept the need for reform and commit to changing how our intelligence services work and are governed.

We've got an ambitious plan. But we can do it. We will need your help. We hope you'll want to join us and be part of such an important campaign.

You can help now by signing our petition and emailing your MP. You can do both at our new campaign site. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your colleagues.