February 07, 2014 | Ed Johnson-Williams

Don't Spy On Us - Help get the word out!

GCHQ from the airOn Tuesday, internet users all over the world are standing up to say no to GCHQ and the NSA's mass surveillance. Over the last eight months we've heard plenty about how intelligence agencies monitor us on the Internet.

Our surveillance laws have let the intelligence agencies extend their reach deep into our private lives.

Tuesday 11th February is The Day We Fight Back.

As part of this global day of action against mass surveillance, Open Rights Group, Liberty, English PEN, Privacy International, Article 19 and Big Brother Watch are coming together to launch Don't Spy on Us.

On Tuesday, we'll be launching Don't Spy On Us and calling for:

  • an independent inquiry into UK surveillance to report before the General Election
  • a new law that will fundamentally reform the way GCHQ carries out mass surveillance

In the meantime, could you promise to send a Tweet or post a Facebook status on Tuesday to help get the word out about the Don't Spy On Us campaign? If enough people make that promise, we'll be able to make Don't Spy On Us appear on social media timelines around the country and the world.

It only takes a minute. Take action here.

Open Rights Group and the other campaign groups working with us on the Don't Spy On Us campaign were integral to getting last year's Snoopers Charter blocked. But after the Snowden revelations, we know that the challenge of stopping GCHQ's mass surveillance is much greater.

Hundreds of people tweeting and posting Facebook statuses at once on Tuesday will really help grab lots of people's attention - people who don't always pay attention to privacy concerns and mass surveillance.

We're relying on all our supporters to spread the word about the campaign and build the pressure on the decisions-makers in Government.

Pledge now to send a Tweet or post a Facebook status on Tuesday morning!

Image by the Ministry of Defence under the Open Government Licence v1.0