April 25, 2013 | Peter Bradwell

Naked Citizens campaign launch

Today we visited Facebook in London, launching a new campaign for a strong Data Protection Regulation.

This afternoon Open Rights Group headed over to Facebook's offices in Covent Garden, London. We delivered a new report about the Data Protection Regulation. We were there to launch a campaign to make sure this proposed law strengthens our privacy rights.

ORG at Facebook launching Naked Citizens campaign

(More pictures are up on our Flickr site.)

The Data Protection Regulation was proposed by the European Commission last year and is currently being discussed by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). It could give us more control over what happens to our personal information and make sure those that use it are help to account.

But a number of the changes that MEPs are currently discussing could instead strip us of our privacy rights. Many of these stem from an unprecedented lobbying effort by big US tech companies, the US Government and the advertising industry.

NakedCitizens.eu is a response to this, put together by a coalition of privacy groups from across the EU including ORG, Privacy International, EDRi and Bits of Freedom. 

Our report, put together by privacy experts from this coalition, features new analysis of proposed amendments to the Regulation and reveals how many of these threaten to critically undermine the privacy of EU consumers and citizens. 

Together, the amendments are an effort to strip EU citizens 'naked' by making it almost impossible for them to control who sees their personal information and how it is used.

Instead of empowering users to take control of their information, we may end up with a Regulation that would allow businesses, institutions or organisations to collect and share personal information in opaque, unaccountable ways.

Visit the website NakedCitizens.eu and write to your MEP. Ask them to make sure we get stronger privacy rights and more control over how our personal information is used. Don't let corporations strip us of our privacy rights!

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  1. J Wilson:
    May 08, 2013 at 11:04 AM

    We should already have better rights than our Governments have been telling us we have, since 1948. Please see this campaign at http://you.38degrees.org.uk/p/bill-of-rights and support that too if you actually want your rights acknowledged by the Supreme Court for once, at least.

    The fact is that no UK Government has ever done anything to respect the International Bill of Rights since 1949 and Parliament continues in its self belief that they can pass any legislation it pleases. Even if it violates the European Convention on human rights, which itself was aimed at denying and/or destroying all of our Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, by ignoring them or making them optional.

    Therefore even the Council of Europe violated the International Bill of Rights and their UN Charter obligations too, by creating the European Convention. Wake up and smell the coffee before there's none to drink because even our rights to eat and drink will be taken from us by corrupt States if we do nothing now.