December 06, 2012 | Jim Killock

Nearly there: £550 needed for GoldenEye appeal!

Update 7 December: we have raised the total!

We’ve raised an astonishing £4,450 so far in our GoldenEye Appeal – which is very encouraging. Many of these donations have come from people who heard about us from news coverage, and have newly placed their trust in ORG.

GoldenEye are seeking the names and addresses of O2 and Be Broadband customers to send them accusations of copyright infringement. We are challenging this.

We’re still short of £550 – which we’d really like before the appeal is heard next week, on 10-11 December.

Please donate if you can!

However, the biggest task with challenging GoldenEye is the need of staff time and expertise to understand the legal implications and opportunities. We’re also extremely keen to find, analyse and republish court injunctions in relation to website blocking.

We want to be able to intervene in future web blocking injunctions: either as a party or friend of the court. We want to be able to argue for transparency and accountability, which as we saw this week, is sorely lacking.

That’s why we need another 30 or 40 people to join ORG so we can start our legal project. Please join today!

Update at 12.15pm: we need only £150 more! 

Update 7 December: we have raised the total!