March 16, 2012 | Nishma Doshi

Lessig, Doctorow, Seltzer - ORGCon 2012 tickets selling fast!

One week until ORGCon 2012!

ORGCon tickets are selling out fast!

With Larry Lessig making a rare UK visit to talk about the copyright lobby and what we are up against; Cory Doctorow talking about the coming attack to control how your computer works, and Wendy Seltzer explaining what happened in the SOPA fight in the USA and where we need to go from there, we have some of the top international speakers on digital rights.

New UK censorship plans may be coming under the Communications Bill: we expect plans to control and censor search results and to block whole websites could be recommended as early as next week. ORGCon will be the first opportunity to talk about how we campaign against these dangerous plans.

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On privacy, Ross Anderson will be debunking the idea of “anonymisation” of personal data, Tom Lowenthal will be explaining the “Do Not Track” browser setting from Mozilla, aimed at stopping ad networks from following you around the web without your permission. Lilian Edwards will be explaining how Data Protection changes in Europe might give us new rights to defend our rights when companies abuse our personal information.

Privacy International will be telling us about the new plans to gather private communications data through the Internet and start fishing for potential criminals: a gross abuse of our rights. they will also be talking about the trade in surveillance technologies.

And on Open Data, we will be talking about the lack of “core reference” data sets, that will damage the goal of government transparency, as well if we should protect the public domain by making archival data more open.

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