June 09, 2011 | Jim Killock

Board and Advisory open recruitment

ORG is looking for new Advisory members, and two Board appointees. We are running an open recruitment process.

For the Advisory, we are seeking people with expert knowledge and connections in of one or more of these areas:

  1. The future of technology and the digital commons (open data, open source, creative commons)
  2. Civil liberties and social inclusion
  3. Privacy laws
  4. Copyright, liability and free speech on the Internet
  5. Access to knowledge and digital education issues
  6. Campaigns and campaigners
  7. Arts and Culture in the digital age
  8. The political, academic or journalistic worlds

The Advisory Council has an active email list., and meets four times a year. It advises on policy issues, reviews papers and discusses our campaigns. Its primary role is to help ORG’s staff to campaign effectively for digital rights. Members also help with meetings, consultations, press and speaking opportunities, and engage with supporters.

For the Board, we are seeking people with experience in:

  1. Legal, financial management or human resources
  2. Charity, campaigning group or NGO management
  3. Organizational growth
  4. Organizational governance

The Board deals with organizational issues, ensuring good governance and our long term future. We are currently growing at a fast pace, and experience of the sector would be very helpful as we take on new roles and funding. It meets six times a year, currently, and members are welcome to help with the Advisory Council discussions too.

You can nominate yourself, or someone else, by emailing jim dot killock at openrightsgroup dot org with "Open AC and Board recruitment" in the subject outlining your experience and relevance to the position. If you nominate someone else, we will approach them if they seem a good fit.

We would like nominations by July 1.

(There will also be elections to the Board later on this year.)