July 13, 2010 | Michael Holloway

Jeremie Zimmermann to speak on ACTA at ORGCon

ACTA, the international trade agreement causing divisions between the EU and developing nations, will face intense criticism from Jérémie Zimmermann at Britain's first ever digital rights conference. 

Activists are particularly incensed at the inclusion of the repressive copyright regulation that caused a virtual revolt during the passing of HADOPI laws in France and the Digital Economy Act in the UK. Jérémie led the fight against HADOPI in France.

Jérémie Zimmermann, the scourge of ACTA and spokesperson for citizen advocacy group La Quadrature du Net, said:

"ACTA will hinder global development by exporting the worst anti-competitive and dangerous enforcement system of copyright, patents and trademarks.

"The ACTA agreement will also stifle online freedom of speech and privacy as it is aimed at circumventing democractic process, in total opacity, and with no oversight from the citizens." 

Jérémie's latest success is in persuading many MEPs to sign a "Written Declaration" condemning the revelations of potential erosions of human rights. The declaration is currently around 30 signatures short of gaining a majority, and being adopted by the Parliament.

Also joining him on the panel will be Becky Hogge, former Executive Director of the Open rights Group, and Michelle Childs, from Medecin sans Frontiers.

ORGCon is a low-cost conference where campaigners can find out about and take action in support of their digital rights. Other speakers confirmed for the conference include Tom Watson MP, another vociferous critic of ACTA, Cory Doctorow, activist and author. ORGCon takes place in London on 24 July.

Tickets are available here.