October 20, 2010 | Florian Leppla

Dan Bull is back - with an anti-ACTA video

Dan Bull, who gained fame with his 'open letter' songs to Lily Allen and Lord Mandelson in September 2009, is back with The Death of ACTA.

The video, released today, sums up what's wrong with the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, points out that only big rightsholders gain from this treaty and asks why we need it at all.

Dan says that the “terrifying implications” of ACTA inspired him to write the song. ACTA has been negotiated behind closed doors, with no involvement of our elected representatives.

The “unsigned, unsignable geek rapper and activist” is also keen to get people to take action: “I want it to raise awareness and make people act directly, by joining lobby groups (eg ORG and EFF) and putting pressure on their political representatives.”

The video, directed and produced by Russ Houghton, was filmed on the Golden Hinde ship in Southwark. Here is more from Dan.

Have you contacted your MEP and asked them to vote against ACTA?