October 15, 2009 | Jim Killock

EU Parliament’s credibility undermined by back track on citizens’ rights

Amendment 138, guaranteeing Internet access and protecting fundamental civil liberties, is being watered down by Parliamentary negotiators seeking a compromise with the EU Council.

The EU Parliament’s credibility is being fatally undermined just as they are about to be given a stronger role defending our rights under the Lisbon Treaty.

The MEP’s negotiator Catherine Trautmann seems to want to agree that restrictions to internet access and fundamental freedoms can be imposed pretty much at will.

This goes directly against the intentions of the 88% of the Parliament that voted for citizens’ to have guarantees of their fundamental rights.

Since 2004, Parliament has lost every battle with the Council. This means that member states can negotiate their citizens rights away behind closed doors: unless the EU Parliament develops some back bone.

MEPs need to ask some very tough questions of their negotiators, who are busy consigning Parliament to a long future as a rubber stamp.

Full details can be found at La Quadrature du Net’s press release.

Take action: write to your MEP asking them to put pressure on their team to preserve our rights and the EU Parliament's credibility.