April 20, 2007 | Michael Holloway

Home Office's 'Data Retention' consultation

The Home Office is holding a consultation into the initial transposition of the EC 'Data Retention' Directive on the retention of communications data'. They have published a set of draft regulations, and a shiny PDF detailing the process by which they arrived at these regulations, as well as 6 questions into the application of these regulations. This document is summarised for your use on our wiki.

Will you be affected by these regulations? Do you have concerns regarding the associated costs to businesses, or implications for privacy? If so, please record your perspective on our wiki in order that we can express your concerns. Alternatively, email your testimony to michael[at]openrightsgroup.org. We will gather evidence for the next month or so, before producing a document for submission ahead of the June 11th deadline.

NB These regulations will not be applied to internet access, internet telephony and internet e-mails, as the Directive will not be applied to these services until 2009, following further consultation.