March 30, 2006 | Suw Charman Anderson

ORG lists down -- but now back up

Unfortunately, we've been having some technical difficulties with the ORG servers over the last couple of weeks, resulting in the Discussion list going down. We are trying to get this fixed as soon as possible. Sorry about the outage! UPDATE: Org lists back up again! We've actually moved the ORG lists on to a new server, so the email address and sign-up/admin pages are subtly different now. Email: -- please remember to change your address books, although the old email address will redirect automatically. And sign-up/admin pages for the Discuss and Announce lists: Unfortunately, whilst we have migrated your subscriptions, we have not been able to migrate your digest settings, so if you were on digest, you'll have to pop back in and reset that. You will also find that your passwords will have changed, but you should have had a new one by email by now (except for the Announce list - you can get that from the admin interface if you need it).