December 04, 2005 | Ben Laurie

Telecoms and Television

"john" writes, in a comment to an earlier post:

data retention; the LIBE report is being voted on the 12th and all the Parliamentary groups meet on Tuesday to decide their positions. There is some interesting new stuff on Statewatch about recent discussions after the JHA Council on the 1st for those that are interested in this kind of thing. Christ knows what is going to happen with this one, the Council still isn

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  1. kenkil:
    Dec 05, 2005 at 09:54 AM

    This looks like a great way to gather our comments and thoughts on this topic.

    But I suggest we do somthing similar for another review, underway to investigate Copyright and Patent law in the UK. The spin suggests it will consider extending copyright terms further, and simplifying the patent process. See link for details- nothing concrete on how to make submissions yet.

  2. Ben Laurie:
    Dec 06, 2005 at 12:42 AM

    I think we're on that already:

  3. bodnbotbod:
    Dec 04, 2005 at 10:04 PM

    Comments on the site, not the above post:

    As someone with an amatuerish interest in these issues, and given that ORG's stated aim is to "raise awareness" of DRM I'm disappointed to see a blog but no kind of "For Dummies" style guide to the issues. Has any thought been given to the idea of a simple guide to how DRM effects a person who isn't technically savvy?

    I've written For Dummies style guides in previous office jobs "How To Use the Accounts System" etc. I might be willing to take something of that nature on for a derisory payment. I'd be happy to produce the beginnings for free and put it before your organisation for review and you can see if you'd wish me to pursue it.

    On other site issues: Although, since you're a single issue pressure group, it's going to be hard to categorise your posts clearly I still think having "uncategorised" / "stuff" AND "entirely frivolous" is rather off-putting and lazy.

    Mission statement: Light grey on white? Have a thought for visitors with impaired sight.

    Full disclosure: I'm personal friends with the troublesome Nick Mailer and Martin Coxall (I assure you he rubs ME up the wrong way far more than he rubs you), they of the Trotskyite wing of the Soho launch.

    (Way to talk yourself out of a small commission, Bod... I always back the wrong horse).