Complete DCMS response on GDPR derogations

DCMS has sent a more complete document on GDPR to stakeholders

The government has sent us a fuller response to their consultation on GDPR derogations. See ORG's response here.

We cannot find this very useful document on their website, so we are making it available.

This Summary of GDPR Derogations in the Data Protection Bill contains more detail on the intentions of the government. It is disappointing that UK Ministers are not taking up the option in Article 80(2) of GDPR to allow consumer privacy groups to lodge independent data protection complaints, as they can currently do under consumer rights and competition laws.

Citizens face increasingly complex data ecosystems. It is almost impossible for the average person to be able to know which organisations hold their personal data. Enabling privacy groups to take independent action will ensure consumers’ rights are properly enforced.

ORG will be campaigning to bring these important powers into UK law.

Summary of GDPR Derogations in the Data Protection Bill