Impact legal rights and tech activism

Legal rights

Helping people with their legal rights is an emerging theme in our work. ORG is not currently geared up to take on individual legal cases, or make large numbers of referrals, but nevertheless we do receive legal requests. Working with ORG Law, we offer these cases to the lawyers and solicitors there, with no guarantee that they can help, but frequently they do.

We also helped with a Trade Mark domain dispute. A small UK volunteer group called were threatened by a major US company selling cleaning products under the same name. We helped them raise over £1,000 so they could fight the domain dispute properly and retain their registration. This was a small but for us important victory. The fact is that you can stand up against IP bullies, and ORG will be there to help you when we can.

Tech activism

In 2011, we hired a Tech Officer, Lee Maguire, to help develop tech activism projects. He is currently working through some of our basic IT systems to help ORG run more smoothly, but we are intending to start running more projects focused on using technology to enforce our rights. As a first foot in the door, ORG agreed to host a TOR bridge, donated by the TOR Project and hosted on a Excito B3 box. TOR is a way of helping users remain anonymous on the Internet and access material that is censored in some countries.

ORG will also host a hidden Wifi range over TOR as an experimental research tool.