ORG's work concentrates on the biggest digital rights threats. There are rising threats to free speech through censorship and restrictive copyright laws. ORG worked in 2011 on net censorship of copyright infringing sites and extremist websites and default web blocking for adults, on mobile and fixed networks.

The copyright and IP lobby drives proposals to over-regulate the net and technology, to restrict its capabilities for citizens and to increase surveillance. Meanwhile, copyright restricts innovation, especially in the UK, denying us the fruits that the reuse of information can deliver. ORG worked on copyright reform, ACTA, the Digital Economy Act and net neutrality.

Even Open Data initiatives to improve government transparency can be threatened by vested commercial interests within government. ORG worked in 2011 on the proposed Public Data Corporation and the broad changes to Open Data policy, and the deliberate conflation of the Open Data agenda with commercial, restricted reuse of government personal data.

Privacy threats come from Internet companies themselves, and governments, both of whom seek to gather information to profile and classify citizens.