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Supporter Council

Because we are now seeing new local groups start up, and because we have so many really important campaigns to run, we wish to create a new Supporter Council to help create a strong and active ORG community.

Would you like to help? Or do you know someone who should be on the Council? Let us know! Email


  1. Build an active ORG Community
    1. Attend local meetings and socials
    2. Attend and help with ORGCon
    3. Help with recruitment
    4. Help with projects, especially ORGZine and the Wiki
    5. Create ORG networks, locally, on issues and within political groupings
    6. Support and build campaign activities
    7. Attend external conferences and events
    8. Help volunteers and supporters to feed into policy
    9. Suggest areas where supporters can help
    10. Attend quarterly Council meetings
    11. Be a communication and feedback link for supporters and staff

Size and composition:

  1. Fourteen supporters
  2. A good geographical spread, with people from different parts of the country
  3. Two observers, from the AC


  1. Two year term (the first group will be divided into two groups of seven serving one and two year terms)
  2. Seven each year on rotation
  3. No more than two terms in succession