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Why should I join?

ORG are a small organisation but we punch above our weight. Your money leads to direct positive effects. For example:

  • We have long campaigned for a right to parody and format shift and have recently seen the Government publish these regulations in draft law. This wouldn't have happened without our continuous work on this issue.
  • We have successfully campaigned against the Snoopers' Charter for 2 years, and have since seen it dropped.
  • We won Human Rights Campaigner of the Year at the 2012 Liberty awards.
  • We are working with a huge coalition of campaigners and civil liberties groups to generate a mass joint campaign against state surveillance as revealed by Edward Snowden.
  • We are running a legal challenge at the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that the Government's authoritarian surveillance practices have been unlawful.

Read the 6 things ORG want to do about surveillance here.

What are the benefits to being an ORG supporter?

  • Supporters of ORG also get discounted tickets to all our events.
  • Supporters who give £5/month or more will receive a free ORG logo t-shirt!
  • Everyone who joins will get a copy of our latest report and ORG stickers to show your support (as pictured).
  • Supporters of ORG vote in board elections.
  • Supporters have opportunities to influence our policy and direction throughout the year.
  • You will be part of an exciting community of engaged activists with plenty of opportunities to take direct action to stand up for your rights.

How do I join?

Joining by Direct Debit is the best way to become an ORG supporter. It’s much cheaper to do the paperwork meaning more of your hard-earned cash can go towards campaigning for digital rights.

Our supporters usually give between £5 and £10 each month, but please be as generous as you can afford to be.

If you don't want to use a Direct Debit, you can also set up a PayPal subscription. PayPal often causes cancellations when your card expires so please use DirectDebit if you can. You will not receive the t-shirt or physical pack if you join via PayPal. There are also options for Bitcoin if you use Coinbase.

You also make a one-off donation to us via PayPal, Bitcoin, Flattr or by making a cheque payable to Open Rights Group.

And if I'm a Student or Unwaged?

We have a reduced join rate for students/unwaged:
Join for only £5/year