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ORG Manchester - European digital rights hustings

Join ORG Manchester to hear from the MEP candidates for the North West, as we ask them to sign the charter and discuss their views on digital rights.

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ORG Brighton Cryptoparty

Come along to ORG Brighton's Cryptoparty for a skill & knowledge sharing session which aims to teach people the basic ways of protecting themselves and their data from intrusive surveillance. Beginners welcome!

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ORG Norwich - The Internet and You: The latest developments in digital rights

Join ORG Norwich to hear about the latest developments in digital rights with talks from ORG's Director - Jim Killock, UEA lecturer and digital rights expert - Paul Bernal and the author of net.wars - Wendy Grossman.

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ORG Bristol: Privacy not Prism - Challenging GCHQ in the EU courts

Join ORG Bristol as we hear from Javier Ruiz, ORG's policy director, about the Don't Spy On Us campaign and Dan Carey who is representing ORG, English PEN, Big Brother Watch and Constanze Kurz in a legal challenge against GCHQ at the European Court of Human Rights.

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ORG Sheffield - Universal Jobmatch and the surveillance of jobseekers

Job-seekers claiming Job Seeker's Allowance are required to use the Government's online recruitment search site 'Universal Jobmatch'. This facility is more than just a website; it's a tool that Job Centre advisors can use to monitor job hunting and enforce sanctions. Join us to hear from Ruth Coustick-Deal as we discuss how this system of surveillance is having a real effect on people's lives.

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ORG Edinburgh Cryptoparty with SCRIPT

ORG Edinburgh are organising a Cryptoparty in collaboration with SCRIPT - The University of Edinburgh's Centre for Studies of Intellectual Property and Technology Law.

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ORG Edinburgh - Internet Filtering: ORG's censorship monitoring project

Join us to hear from Richard King who is managing ORG’s ‘Blocked’ project as he explains the risks posed by filtering and how over-blocking can be resisted.

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ORG Manchester - Censorship Monitoring Project

Come along and hear from Richard King, project manager for the ORG censorship monitoring project, as explains how ORG are monitoring the state of UK web censorship.

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Time for a Digital Bill of Rights

Tim Farron and Julian Huppert invite you to a discussion on a Digital Bill of Rights to reform of our current surveillance, data protection and privacy laws.

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ORG Manchester Medical Privacy Event - NHS Care Data

Significant changes to how your medical data is handled are happening now. Medical data that was previously under the control of your GP is going to be uploaded to a central location within the NHS and shared with other organisations for a variety of purposes. Phil Booth from will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

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