Censorship Monitoring volunteering

Open Rights Group is an exciting place to volunteer, and if you are looking to gain some office-based experience or help out in defending digital rights you've arrived on the right page!

Please Note: If you would like to get involved with this Ooni Probe/Censorship project, but cannot volunteer in office we have a group of technical volunteers working on this project remotely as well. To join in and help shape it, please join the tech-volunteers discussion list and sign-up here and introduce yourself.

You can read more about this project and pitch in on the Wiki:

i) Architecture
ii) Functionality

We're seeking a Developer Volunteer, who will support us in our blocked.org project. We are looking to develop a system where users can plug a USB mobile network dongle into a raspberry pi, plug it into ethernet (or wifi) and have it automatically start checking the availability of URLs on those networks.

The Raspberry boot image should:
* Support one or more USB mobile dongles
* Automatically recognise the mobile network being used and configure accordingly
* Has general internet access (via ethernet or wifi)
* Has an API service that allows URLs to be submitted to it via the general internet, and tested via the mobile connection
* Has some understanding of the various styles of blocking responses, and can extract metadata regarding the block
* Can routinely connect to a queue service on the internet, pull done URLs to check, and send back structured data in response
* Support deployment of "Ooni Probe" tests.

You will:

* Collate results in repository
 * Help other ORG activists to build their own probes and tools for testing, submitting URLs to us
* Improve our blocked.org.uk tool
 * Accept requests for check ups as well as blocked reports
 * Publish tables of results on blocked.org.uk website, eg sites misclassified and dates, plus current status

Skill needed:

* PHP, MySQL development, Github / version control
* Preferable to have some Python, PIP for Ooni probe

The position is voluntary, but aimed to help you gain skills and confidence. You will be supported in this role by our Technical Officer and our Executive Director.

The position is for 3 days a week for 3 months (subject to paid employment). We provide Lunch & Travel Expenses. You will be working from our office in London.

How to apply:
Send an email to volunteer@openrightsgroup.org by Friday 19th July 2013

Please include your CV and a covering letter explaining why you'd be the right person for the role.