Open Rights Group is an exciting place to volunteer, and if you are looking to gain some experience in campaigning, law or politics, you've arrived on the right page! Our voluntary placements offer you a unique opportunity to gain skills in a small and friendly workspace.

We welcome volunteers who are able to spare several days a week, and to be able to commit up to 3 months. Through that experience, we provide opportunities to attend events and build contacts, as well as take a lead on your own project. These roles are voluntary, but we do provide lunch and travel expenses. 

Contact volunteer@openrightsgroup.org & join the mailing list to get involved

"Volunteering with ORG put me bang in the middle of bright, dedicated and fascinating people that were studying and influencing the nitty-gritty of major stories and developments in digital rights, fighting to ward off selfish or misguided interferences from leaders & lobbies that constantly threaten the technologies we now depend on.

I was really pleased, and proud, to have been involved with ORG's tentative steps towards direct legal intervention."

- Philippe Bradley, Volunteer

I volunteered for ORG in order to gain some more experience after graduating from law school. Digital rights is a fascinating area of law and ORG are leading the way with a lot of extremely valuable campaign work, so it was great to be able to contribute towards this. If you're a law graduate and you're into copyright, privacy, freedom of expression or anything of the sort I would strongly recommend it.

- Jag Bahra, Research Intern

There are many ways you can get involved, here are some of our roles:

Local Groups 

From Edinburgh to Brighton, ORG has local teams in over a dozen cities large & small across the UK and we are always recruiting campaigners. Local groups offer a prime opportunity to gain the broad skillset necessary to run a successful campaign. You will work with groups to help them run a programme of events and campaign activities, and learn how to use MeetUp, email and social media to promote their meetings and actions. This role also offers the opportunity to learn the basics of ORG’s campaigns and work with the Campaigns Officer to maximise our impact in local areas. Check out our local groups page to find a team near you.

Video Editor

Our volunteers produce various campaign videos, conference videos and interview people with something important to say about digital rights. If you have basic video skills, we have the equipment and editing software. This is an excellent opportunity to hone in those filming and editing skills - vital for any future work in digital media. See our YouTube and Vimeo channels for examples. 


We are often in need of technical support and expertise to help in the creation of new projects, web development etc. We also have a community of technical volunteers who work remotely on open source projects with us. 

Policy and Parliamentary 

ORG produce a weekly parliamentary and policy monitoring update which goes out via email and on our wiki. It provides information on EU and UK policy updates, news stories, parliamentary questions and ORG media appearances. This is produced by our policy volunteer who researches debates, attends relevant meetings, writes profiles of MPs among other tasks. They need to have a strong research background and excellent organisaton skills. More can be found on the project here, and a full detailed description, here.

We are not currently looking for someone to fill this role. 

FOI & Wiki Researchers

We are have an ongoing volunteer research project involving sending freedom of information (FoI) requests to learn more about how public institutions like universities, libraries & hospitals filter their internet networks. Contact us if you're keen to get involved.

Research and legal

We have regular opportunities for people who would like to research privacy, copyright and freedom of expression in the digital arena. We are especially interested if you have or are studying for a law degree or legal qualification. If this is something you’d like to work on, then please don’t hesitate to apply.

How to apply

Send an email to volunteer@openrightsgroup.org

You can also join the volunteer email list here.

Please include your CV, a covering letter explaining why you're interested. If applicable, please also include examples of your work - either video, blogs or research depending on the position you are applying for.

If you don't have the time for any of these roles, please read our get involved page which lists some of the other ways you can help ORG!

Our volunteers have a structured role, and are vital in all of our campaigns and actions - and they don't fetch coffee.