Tech Tools
Using Blocked is easy. Enter any web address and instantly find out if any UK Internet Service Providers are blocking the site. You'll be shocked at how many websites are mistakenly blocked by not-so-smart filters! You can also use Blocked to easily contest wrongful blocks.
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Data Rights Finder
Sick of trying to understand pages of technical jargon in company privacy policies? Use Data Rights Finder to cut through the legalese and quickly understand your data rights. Data Rights Finder is a collaboration between Open Rights Group, Projects by If and the Information Commissioner's Office.
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After several years of campaigning ORG won a right to parody and to format shift in UK law.
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Blocked project launched
The Blocked project was launched and we found out that filters in the UK were stopping Chaos Communications Congressfrom selling event tickets, and even Open Rights Group from providing a tool to find out about blocking!
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Web blocking transparent
Thanks to our legal work and campaigning, challenging the secrecy of website bans, blocking orders are now more transparent. BT, Skyand Virginall provide information about the blocks now.
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