Supporters Update - January 2007


  • Becky Hogge joins as our new Executive Director

Becky joined us on 15 January as our new Executive Director. She is ORG's first, full time member of staff. Says Becky "I'm really enjoying myself so far, although I won't pretend it isn't difficult gaining pace with all of ORG's ongoing activities. Suw's been a fantastic support during my first two weeks here, and I can't thank her enough. What's struck me most is the incredible level of enthusiasm among volunteers and supporters for what ORG is doing. It's just fantastic, and it really keeps me going."

  • e-Voting Campaign begins

On 29 January, the Department for Constitutional Affairs announced plans for e-voting pilots - including telephone and internet voting - for the May 2007 local elections . ORG was ready for them. Our new microsite contains everything you need to know about the perils of e-voting, and suggests ways to take action. We're now busily preparing for our season of e-voting related events, which starts on 6 February with a free screening of 'Hacking Democracy'. If you're in or around London next week, please drop by and say hello.

  • Taking the Term Extension battle to Europe

We're still glowing from the success of our Release the Music campaign in December, and the effectiveness of our submissions to the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property. But we're not resting on our laurels. And neither is the music industry. Whilst they feed the press with stories about IP enforcement, ORG is working behind the scenes with partners in Europe to make sure the Gowers message gets through. Expect to hear more in February and March.

Press relations

Every week, we spend time talking to the media and connecting them with experts or giving them an alternate point of view on current issues.

Vnunet 'Evidence guides Gowers to strike the right balance on copyright' "I think generally that the report makes some good recommendations and I am glad to see that making a private copy is now accepted," said Suw Charman of the Open Rights Group copyright campaign. More Gowers reaction...

Radio 1 Newsbeat> IFPI wants DRM on downloads to be "interoperable", but think "the market should decide". What can they mean? - A report about DRM including a short interview with Becky Hogge. ORG reaches a new audience!

The Register 'e-voting to be stripped bare at UCL event' Announcement that the Open Rights Group and the Foundation for Information Policy Research are teaming up to host events to raise awareness of electronic voting.

Slashdot: 'British E-Voting Pilots Announced' ORG's campaign against e-voting gets dissected on Slashdot, and survives! ZDNet 'Digital rights group slams e-voting' Jason Kitcat talks to ZDNet's David Meyer about what could go wrong in the May 2007 pilots.

Lots more articles listed on the ORG wiki. Special thanks to Jason Kitcat, ORG's e-voting campaign coordinator, for all his work with the press this month.


We're always looking to make new links with other organisations, and publicise and assist in digital rights issues wherever we find them. If you know something you think ORG should be involved in, or the wider supporter network should know about, mail us at links[at] Or better still, tag it "openrightsgroup" in or on your blog. We'll pick it up.