Supporter update - July 2018

From victory at the Supreme Court to success in the EU Parliament and the launching of a new data rights service, it has been a busy summer for Open Rights Group. We would like to thanks all our members and supporters who made these achievements possible.

MEPs to Article 13 - “Not so fast!”

In a major upset to industry lobbyists Members of European Parliament (MEPs) voted last week 318 to 278 to reject the current version of the EU Copyright Directive, foiling plans to fast track Article 13 and its notorious ‘upload filters. We won the day but the fight against automated Internet censorship is not over. We’ll be ramping up pressure on MEPs until the Directive faces a final vote in September.

ORG victorious at UK Supreme Court

In a victory against runaway web blocking, the UK Supreme Court ruled in favour of Open Rights Group’s intervention in the Cartier jeweller case. The unanimous decision means Internet  Service Providers ISPs (and hence consumers) will not bear the costs of blocking trademark-infringing sites. With the onus now on rights-holders to fund the blocks they demand, we’ve reduced the threat excessive overblocking poses to free speech online.

ORG & IF present Data Rights Finder

ORG and Projects by IF launched a new service for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) which makes it easier for the public to understand and use their new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data rights. Want quick, clear answers about how a company stores your data, or whether they share it with third parties? Need to know exactly who to contact to make a subject access request? Data Rights Finder has answers.

Quickfire news

1. The Scottish Information Commissioner’s Office (SICO) published their intervention into the Scottish Government’s freedom of information (FOI) practice and performance. They concluded that the Scottish Government treated FOI requests from journalists differently from other requests. This was a betrayal of the ‘applicant-blind’ principle of freedom of information legislation according to the report.

2. A Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill is making its way through Parliament which seeks to criminalise the streaming of extremist content. Currently it is only an offence to download and store such material. Three or more views has been suggested as a threshold for offense, creating daunting free speech implications for journalists and academics studying terrorist propaganda.

ORG Events

ORG Cambridge

Plan for #SaveYourInternet Day

Discuss ORG’s plans to fight Article 13 when the EU Parliament reconvenes in late August.

Tuesday 7 August


The Castle Inn

38 Castle Street, Cambridge CB3 0AJ

ORG London

Data Democracy Workshop

Learn from Ben Falk how to how to request your data from the Home Office, the NHS, Facebook and more.

Tuesday 24 July


Newspeak House

133-135 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG

ORG Manchester

Tech tools workshop

Learn how to use ORG’s tech tools Data Rights Finder and Blocked!

Monday 23 July


BPP University, St James Building

79 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 6FQ


Surveillance, policing & the law

Learn about your digital rights under the law and how to challenge corporate and government surveillance

Thursday 12 July


Kebele, 14 Robertson Road, Easton - Bristol


We’d like to thank the following corporate supporters:

Open Data Services, My Private Network, IVPN, File Sanctuary and The Organization.