Supporter Newsletter October 2019

This week marks 14 years since Open Rights Group (ORG) was created to protect UK rights online! Each year our network and impact grows stronger, thanks to supporters like you.

Preparing for Brexit’s digital impact

In September ORG sent an open letter to ministers overseeing Brexit negotiations about the lack of preparedness for continuation of cross-border data flows in the event of a no deal exit. 75% of the UK’s international data flows are to and from the EU and include the transmission of personal data. In a no deal exit, the legal right to freely transfer personal data from the EU to the UK will disappear overnight. If you haven’t already, sign our pledge for a future of freedom and rights post-Brexit. 

Advertising Technology (AdTech) industry on notice

In September the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reaffirmed their stunning assertion that the real-time bidding (RTB) systems underpinning the AdTech industry are unlawful under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and must be reformed by year’s end. The UK data protection authority’s game changing condemnation of RTB was a direct response to ORG’s joint complaint with Michael Veale and Dr. Johnny Ryan against ad giants Google and IAB. 

ORGCon is coming to Scotland

Join us Saturday 26 October in Edinburgh for ORGCon Scotland! Spread across three rooms, we’ll explore Scotland’s most pressing digital rights issues like government identity systems, police cyber kiosks and biometrics oversight. We’ll also consider broader topics like the adTech industry’s abuse of personal data and the social impact of technology and its effects on the democratic process. A full programme is coming soon. Get your FREE ticket here and see footage of ORGCon in London here. 

Ensuring effective biometrics oversight

ORG sent a joint open letter to Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Justice Humza Yousaf MSP calling for the scope of a new Scottish Biometrics Commissioner to expand beyond law enforcement. Biometric identifiers like facial and gait recognition are being used in health and social care, immigration proceedings, commercial spaces and even education. To strike a balance between security and rights to privacy and data protection, the new regulator’s jurisdiction must encompass all applications of biometrics in our society. ORG submitted evidence to the Scottish Government’s Justice Committee to support the letter.

ORG Around the UK

ORG Bristol 28 October
Data rights, worker’s rights and the gig economy.

ORG Glasgow 28 October
Brexit, digital rights & the coming election.

ORGCon Scotland 26 October
ORGCon 2019 is coming to Edinburgh!

ORG Manchester 19-20 October
ORG will be exhibiting at the open software “unconference” Oggcamp.

ORG Edinburgh 10 October
Data protection expert Chris Pounder “Ask Me Anything” session.

We’d like to send a big thank you to our supporters VPN Selector and Dot-com Monitor!

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