Supporter Newsletter - August 2018

While Parliament’s in summer recess Open Rights Group is readying to hit the ground running this autumn. We’re gearing up for another critical vote on the EU Copyright Directive, a reckoning with Age Verification technology, and we’re taking the Government to court.

Back to the drawing board

After an astonishing vote on 5 July the European Parliament rejected the fast tracking of the EU Copyright Directive, causing a major setback for industry proponents of Article 13 and it’s controversial upload filters. An amendment vote on 12 September is our next opportunity to prevent automated copyright enforcement from damaging free expression online. ORG activists are prepping campaign events across the UK and we’ll be travelling to Strasbourg the week of the vote to meet with MEPs face to face.

Age Verification’s privacy problems

The rollout of mandatory age verification (AV) for adult websites is being delayed while the Government mulls over final details. AV tech will create highly sensitive databases of the public’s porn watching habits, and ORG has warned that the Government’s proposed privacy protections are woefully inadequate. Their hesitation could be a sign they are receptive to our concerns, but we expect final guidance will still treat privacy as an afterthought. MPs need to understand what's at stake before they are asked to approve AV guidelines after summer. Since they’re not in their offices, try using our easy Twitter tool to get their attention.

Legal challenge update

After a successful CrowdJustice fundraiser, ORG and campaigners for EU citizens’ rights the3million are advancing preparations for a legal challenge to the 2018 Data Protection Act’s “Immigration Exemption”. Holding a different standard for the millions of immigrants living in the UK legally is bad enough, but make no mistake - the Exemption is so wide it has the potential to negate data protection rights for any UK resident. Hear from ORG’s Scotland Director Matthew Rice exactly what the Exemption is, and why it’s so important to challenge it.


Scottish Gov opens biometrics consultation

Now’s your chance to weigh in on Government proposals to create a new commissioner to oversee the use of biometrics data by police in Scotland. ORG welcomes this development because Scotland stands alone among UK nations in lacking independent oversight. Read more about our position here.

Local organisers needed

ORG Cambridge and ORG Birmingham are on the lookout for more volunteer organisers. This involves conceiving, planning and promoting local events, networking with local allies, and spreading the word about ORG's activities. Local events include film screenings, expert talks, tech workshops and whatever else you dream up. No experience is necessary. All you need is an interest in digital rights and a desire to make a difference. If you are interested then write to and tell us a little about yourself.


ORG Cambridge

Monthly Meetup

We’ll be discussing campaign plans for the EU Copyright Directive. All are welcome!

Tuesday 7 Aug 2018,  7-8:30pm

The Castle Inn, 38 Castle Street

Cambridge CB3 OAJ


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