Student Supporters


Students: We protect your digital bits - support us!

You can become a member of ORG at a discounted rate if you are a student or currently unwaged.

Many of our supporters are students, heavily involved in activism work and at the cutting of technology and rights, working from ebooks and open research, using social new social networks and running campaign groups. Attempts to use the Internet to restrict copyright, infringe privacy protections and undermine consumer protections affect all of us. 

The Open Rights Group are the UK's leading voice protecting digital rights. Join us today for only £5/year to be part of our growing movement.

Members gain access to events, discounts and inclusion in all sorts of exclusives. You also get a warm fuzzy feeling from helping ORG fight for your digital rights! This special rate is open to anyone in education, or currently unwaged.

Please let us know if you'd like to change from student/unwaged to full membership at a later date. 

(Photo: ORG at Digital Economy Bill protest outside Parliament, March 24th 2010
By Helen Sherwood-Taylor on Flickr, some rights reserved)